This is a simple response to people who defend gun rights. They usually say, “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” They also say, “A gun is just a tool, like a pencil. Are you saying pencils should be outlawed too?” A gun is not like any other tool because a gun has one function on Earth: kill people. Or at least cause permanent damage. A pencil can write. A knife can cut vegetables. A gun used to have another function when people hunted for food. Today, a gun allows someone with no power to have absolute power over the 99% of people who don’t carry a gun. We have to live in constant fear that a random gun-toting idiot can end our life in the blink of an eye. We have to make sure not to run too fast in an airport, have an abnormal amount of fun on certain streets, etc.

People say that citizens need guns to keep the government from becoming a police state. Oh yes, because so often I see a cop trying to take control of a citizen until the citizen pulls a gun out, points it at the cop, and restores order! No. Most police should not have guns either. More government money should go towards producing non-lethal weapons for police, like a tranquilizer. The right to bear arms has no good purpose and should be abolished. Of course, guns are fine in a controlled setting like shooting range. If guns became illegal, another weapon would not take its place simply because nothing is as easy to kill someone with as a gun.

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