Car Bumper

†††††††††††††† This is a simple improvement to existing car bumpers. The problem with todayís bumpers is that looks have taken over function. Todayís bumpers cannot actually handle bumps. Minor contact with anything causes permanent scratches, dings, dents, chipped paint, etc. All of this can be prevented with my invention, a collapsible, matte-textured bumper:

†††††††††††††† The invention is only a 1-2 inches in height, 1-2 inches deep, and encircles the entire car. It is made of a compressible material such as polyethylene foam so that it can take impact without leaving permanent dents. The texture is very rough matte so that any scratch it receives would remain unnoticeable. For this invention to work, it is absolutely imperative that height and color are standardized. This way if two standardized-bumper-equipped cars were to collide, the bumper would compress to dampen the collision, and the car paint would not get blemished. The color must also be standardized (as black) so that colored markings arenít given or received.

†††††††††††††† Itís not as aesthetically pleasing as painted bumpers but itís for people who prefer function over form. Now the world doesnít have to be anal-retentive when it comes to minor contact with other cars. In parking lots, you no longer have to worry about scraping cars as you squeeze into a spot. You no longer have to worry about backing into a parked car. You no longer have to worry about some jerk opening their door into the side of your car. You no longer have to struggle with parallel parking. Touch is now okay.

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