All of the following are my own original ideas. I can tell you now that they're not even close to anything you've ever read. I have a ton of ideas I'd like to share with the world but I really struggle conveying exactly what I mean.. I'm 35, left-handed, and believe I have a very "masculine mind." Basically, I pay attention to the big picture and disregard the details, which has resulted in strange ideas. My ability to invent is hardly on display here but trust me when I say that it is my greatest strength.

Theories:  Timeless, Universal Principles                                           
Astigmatism - the cause and prevention. 04/18/15Comments
Another Purpose of Tonsils - why we cough up tonsil stones. 03/19/14Comments
The Purpose of Yawning 02/10/14Comments
Food Allergies and Intolerances - the cause and prevention. 01/29/14Comments
Energy Expenditure - why it's possible to "spot reduce" fat. 11/07/13Comments
Hair Loss - the cause and prevention. 10/23/13Comments
Hair - the causes of hair growth. 10/23/13Comments
Human Attraction - it's all about attention and neglect. 10/11/13Comments
The Fundamental Difference between Men and Women, Part 3 - personality and behavior. 05/27/13Comments
The Fundamental Difference between Men and Women, Part 2 - face and body. 05/27/13Comments
The Fundamental Difference between Men and Women, Part 1 - neurons. 05/27/13Comments
Height - how tall you are isn't just genetic--it's also nurture. 01/12/13Comments
Thought - how neurons form ideas, process information, etc. 10/31/12Comments
Cancer - the cause and prevention. 02/07/11Comments
Fruit Seeds - how they should be seen. 02/07/11Comments
Nightmares - the meanings behind most common nightmares. 12/29/10Comments
Sleep - the purpose of sleep and why you can't sleep. 12/29/10Comments
The Human Brain - how it works. The basis for many of my theories. [major revision pending] 11/17/10Comments
Acne - the cause and prevention. 09/21/10Comments

Inventions:  Patented or Patent-Pending Products
Car Bumper - protection against scratches, dings, and dents. 01/19/12Comments
Flexible Stand - an essential accessory for laptops and tablets. 10/15/11Comments
"Queue" Button - the best thing for a slow computer. 12/29/10Comments
Shock-Absorbent Corner Protector - the ideal "case" for portable devices. 10/07/10Comments
Hand-held Isometric Joystick - a more convenient computer mouse. 09/25/10Comments

Social Commentary:  My Take on Today's Society
Guide to Developing the Ideal Female Body 05/20/20Comments
Why Women Should Avoid Doing Pushups and Squats 02/22/13Comments
Flawed Causations - no one understands cause and effect. 09/26/12Comments
Sports - the best, the worst, and the hardest. 01/18/12Comments
Citric Acid - the true destroyer of teeth. 11/22/11Comments
Over-Divergence - runaway division of everything. 11/04/11Comments
Ambiguity in Controllers - a problem with today's games. 10/26/11Comments
Human Worth with Age - it's backwards. 10/14/11Comments
Happiness - does money buy happiness? 10/14/11Comments
Computers, Part 1 - laptop screen size and Moore's law stupidity. 12/29/10Comments
Guns - do kill people. 12/29/10Comments
Shoes - form over function. 11/15/10Comments
Sales Tax on Internet Orders - promoting inefficiency that Americans pay for. 10/06/10Comments
Cars - an arms race in mass. 09/28/10Comments

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